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Dynasty Warriors 7 Character List + New Characters

NEW: recent characters in scans: Liu Chan, Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang, Xiahou Ba, Zhang He, Xiao Qiao, Dong ZhuoPrimary weapons for the characters are listed. Most of the characters got their old weapons back (their weapons from DW3-5, if they were switched in 6). Also keep in mind there is no Renbu, and we can equip two weapons heading into battle. Weapons found after defeating generals can be equipped upon receiving them on the battlefield.

Jin Kingdom

Sima Zhao

Weapon: Dao Blade
Son of Sima Yi. New to Dynasty Warriors series.

Sima Shi

Weapon: Rapier
Oldest son of Sima Yi. New to Dynasty Warriors series.

Guo Huai

Weapon: Hand Cannon
Sickly Jin / Wei officer who fought Shu numerous times in the northwest. Notice in the gameplay video he coughs after his musou attack, opening himself up for attack (kind of like Huang Zhong’s post-musou stumble in Dynasty Warriors 3).

Sima Yi

Weapon: Feather Fan
Potent strategist with grand ambitions. Has been in the series since Dynasty Warriors 2.

Deng Ai

Weapon: Drill Spear
Dominant general most known for trouncing Shu and occupying Cheng Du Castle.

Zhong Hui

Weapon: Floating Swords
New to the Dynasty Warriors series. Jin general that along with Deng Ai put away Shu. But he always considered himself more skilled than Deng Ai and attempted to conspire against Jin along with Jiang Wei, but their plan was a failure.

Zhuge Dan

Weapon: Feather Fan
New to Dynasty Warriors series. Involved in all three rebellions in Huainan.

Wang Yuanji

Weapon: Flying Daggers
New to Dynasty Warriors franchise. Wife of Sima Zhao and the mother of Sima Yan, the first Jin Emperor. Was also the one to snuff out Zhong Hui’s distrust within Jin.

Xiahou Ba

Weapon: Unknown. His character has just been leaked.
New to the Dynasty Warriors series. Son of Xiahou Yuan. Member of Jin but Xiahou Ba also served Shu and Wei for a time as well.

Wei Kingdom

Zhen Ji

Weapon: Flute

Xiahou Dun

Weapon: Scimitar

Cao Ren

Weapon: Chain Mace

Cai Wenji

Weapon: Harp

Xiahou Yuan

Weapon: Bow

Cao Cao

Weapon: Blade

Jia Xu

Weapon: Chain Sickle

Zhang Liao

Weapon: Twin Halberds

Dian Wei

Weapon: Axe

Zhang He

Weapon: Claws

Shu Kingdom

Bao Sanniang

Weapon: Bladed Yo-Yo

Zhao Yun

Weapon: Spear

Huang Zhong

Weapon: Bow

Ma Dai

Weapon: Magic Brush

Jiang Wei

Weapon: Spear

Xing Cai

Weapon: Sword + Shield

Ma Chao

Weapon: Spear

Yue Ying

Weapon: Bo Staff

Liu Chan

Weapon: Rapier

Liu Bei

Weapon: Two Swords

Zhuge Liang

Weapon: Fan

Wu Kingdom

Zhou Tai

Weapon: Katana

Lu Xun

Weapon: Twin Swords

Lu Meng

Weapon: Pike

Sun Ce

Weapon: Tonfa

Zhou Yu

Weapon: Bo Staff

Ding Feng

Weapon: Claw Knuckle

Da Qiao

Weapon: Folding Fan

Ling Tong

Weapon: Nunchaku


Sun Shang Xiang

Weapon: Chakram

Taishi Ci

Weapon: Twin Rods

Xiao Qiao

Weapon: Fan


Zhang Jiao

Weapon: Staff

Yuan Shao

Weapon: Rapier

Dong Zhuo

Weapon: Gundam Style Hammer
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